2 Weeks Prior (can be resumed after 2 weeks from final session)

  • Stop use of Botox, Latisse/hair growth products, lash extensions, and any lash/brow or perming procedures.
  • No facials, laser treatments or chemical peels, facial waxing, dermaplaning or spray tans.
  • Avoid any direct sunlight or use of tanning beds to prevent sunburns, as this will result in a means to reschedule.

2 Days Prior refrain from using: (can be resumed 5 days after procedure)

  • Blood-thinning products (ex: Products containing Aspirin, alcohol, caffeine, Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Fish Oil. Tylenol is OK.)
  • Waxing and Tweezing
  • Lip procedures: If there is a history of cold sores/fever blisters/herpes YOU MUST obtain an antiviral prescription medication to help prevent any potential outbreak.
  • Lips: For chapped/dry lips start to exfoliate lips and keep moisturized. Drink plenty of water!

Day of the appointment

  • Eyeliner: Please remove contacts/lash extensions. Contacts may not be worn within the first 2 days after receiving an eyeliner procedure. Bring classes, if needed.
  • Brows: You may arrive with how you normally do your eyebrows, as this is very helpful in showing me how you like them. Pictures are OK as well.
  • Lips: Remember to exfoliate and keep the lips moisturized – Drink plenty of water!




-Lymph fluid may appear within the first day, GENTLY dab the area using clean hands and a cotton round.

-After 24 hours, with a damp cotton round, gently dab the area. You may notice pigment, this is normal!

-For swelling you may apply an icepack with a sterile barrier. Ibuprofen can help as well!

-After 48 hours, you may wash the procedural area with a gentle unscented soap. DO NOT scrub or rub. Use your finger tips and gently wash the area, then dab with a clean cotton round. THEN You may apply a rice size portion of ointment to the area and If itching occurs.

-You can apply a small amount ointment for any itching/flaking/scabbing, after the initial wash.

-DO NOT TOUCH, PICK OR SCRATCH at any scabbing or flaking.

-Remember, pigment loss is up to 50%. 

-Avoid sweating / heavy exercising for 7 days

-Do not get your procedural area wet for at least 5-7 days. Do not let the water hit the procedural area directly.

-Avoid direct sunlight or UV exposure for at least 4 weeks from appointment/perfecting session. Remember to use sunscreen after the waiting period!

-No saunas, rivers, lakes, streams, pools, beaches etc for up to 2 weeks from the procedure.

-Do not fill in the areas with makeup during the healing process.

-Do not schedule any facials, botox, chemical treatments, lip fillers etc.. for a least a month from the procedure.

-CONSULT A Physician if there is ANY sign of infection.